Discount Appliances Calgary: Loaners

Give a permanent home to gently used appliances without paying a fortune.

New appliance retailers sometimes have to loan appliances. When a customer doesn't get what they want on time or their new appliance has to go in for service, they often get a brand new item loaned to them until the situation is resolved.

When the loaner comes back, it cannot be sold as new, even though it's hardly been used. And that's where we come in.

We restore loaner appliances to new condition and price them far below retail.

You get an appliance that may have only been used for a week or two, works just like new, looks as good as new, and comes with the same kind of warranty.

No one but you will ever know that beautiful stainless steel gas range in your kitchen isn't brand new.

Check out our services and see how we've got you covered.

It's an unbeatable deal!