Discount Appliances Calgary: Manufacturer Returns

Turn someone else's mistake into a Simply Great Deal for you!

Our customers are shrewd shoppers. They know they can buy appliances as good as new for a fraction of the price. And with the same warranty they'd get on a brand new appliance. Here's how they do it!

When retail customers change their minds and return appliances, you benefit. Many of the appliances returned to the manufacturer come to Major Appliances, where we turn them into Simply Great Deals.

Manufacturer-returned appliances are in excellent condition and, in many cases, brand new. There are many reasons for returns; for example, the customer may decide on a different colour or a different brand. Regardless of the reason, retailers and manufacturers need a way to re-sell these appliances. So they come to us and we pass the savings on to you.

With your BUY-WITH-CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE, you can't go wrong.