Discount Appliances Calgary: Open-Box Appliances

Why pay retail when you can get the same appliance for a lot less?

Once a new appliance is unpackaged, many retailers are not permitted to sell it as a new appliance. That means great deals for you!

Why do appliances get returned to the retailer?

Returns are typically due to receiving the wrong colour or model, or simply because customers change their mind. The appliances are brand new and in excellent working condition, but have been returned to the manufacturer.

That's where we come in. Major Appliances finds these Open-Box deals and gives them to you at reduced prices.

In our showroom in Calgary, the appliance selection changes every day. We encourage you to visit today to see what's available. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, you will soon. 

And, don't forget, everything we sell is covered by our SAME-AS-NEWMA warranty coverage.