Buy With Confidence Guarantee

Your 'Buy with Confidence' Guarantee

At Major Appliances, your complete satisfaction is our goal.
We guarantee:

  1. Each and every appliance you buy has been thoroughly tested by our Certified Technicians.
  2. No appliance is offered for sale unless it is in excellent working condition.
  3. Each and every major appliance comes with a full year of in-home warranty protection.*
  4. $79.95 for Basic Delivery on all major appliances.
  5. Your old appliances will be removed as part of the Basic Delivery charge. For more information please contact the store.
  6. Installation services are provided at Installer’s Cost with no additional mark-up.
  7. After-Warranty in-home * service calls will be provided at a low flat-fee rate, no matter how long the call takes.
  8. After-Warranty parts will be provided at our cost, with no additional mark-up.

* Calgary and area customers