Troubleshooting Tips for Dryers from Major Appliances in Calgary

Minimize the possibility of electric shock. Unplug the appliance from the power supply or disconnect power at the circuit breaker before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

Taking Too Long To Dry Clothes

  • Using the proper venting and making sure the vent pipe is the proper length is very important to the operation of the dryer. The use of solid metal vent pipe, 4" in diameter, for adequate operation is recommended. 4" flexible metal venting may be used, but will increase drying time somewhat. Flexible, white, plastic vent pipe is not recommended.
  • Check for an obstruction in the ducting. Make sure the outside wall damper is operating easily. If flexible ducting is used, Make sure that it is not kinked and is installed properly.
  • Remove and clean the lint filter each time it is used. The filter can be washed with warm soapy water to remove fabric softener residue from the screen.
  • Is the exhaust vent crushed, kinked or clogged with lint?
  • Check the household fuses and circuit breakers. Most household dryers use two fuses or circuit breakers. It is possible for only one of them to trip and the dryer still tumble, but not heat.
  • There may be too many items in the dryer. Only dry one washer load at a time. Do not combine washer loads to make one large dryer load.
  • Improper sorting can cause drying difficulty. Do not mix heavy, hard-to-dry items with lightweight articles.
  • If the dryer is on a 120-volt circuit instead of a 240-volt circuit the drying time will be three times as long.

Dryer Runs But Does Not Heat

  • Make sure you have the right timer selection, fabric setting, and temperature selection. The timer should be set to dry and not fluff or cool down.
  • Make sure front of dryer is not blocked; air flow is needed to dry.
  • Electric models: The dryer should be on a separate electrical outlet.
  • Check the circuit breaker/fuses.
  • Safety First - turn circuit breaker to the OFF position or remove fuses. At the back of the dryer, locate the power cord and unplug it from the wall.
  • Gas models: Make sure the gas line has been turned on for new installations.

Will Not Run or Start

  • Check that the dryer door is closed tightly.
  • Make sure that the cycle selection button is positioned on the desired temperature, fabric, and drying time.
  • Dryers have two fuses or circuit breakers. Have you checked both?
  • For gas dryers, make sure both gas shut-off valves are open. One valve is located behind the toe panel and the other in the main gas line.
  • Ensure that the START button has been depressed completely.
  • Open the dryer door and inspect the condition of the door switch. If the door switch is scorched or pushed in may cause your dryer to not operate.
  • Check to be sure that circuit breakers / fuses are operational. The dryer should be on a separate circuit.