After-Warranty Appliance Repair Service

Think you're in trouble once your warranty has expired?

Think again.

You probably expect a service call to cost you an arm and a leg. Maybe you've heard horror stories about how much it costs to get a technician to come to your home. Let's face it, you've probably got your own stories about how much the plumber or electrician charged just to show up.

We don't believe in making money from your problems! We simply believe that you'll be so pleased with our services, you'll come back and see us the next time you're appliance shopping.

You can count on us to deliver great value even after your warranty has expired.

How Low is Low?

Most after-warranty service calls are an amazingly low $79.95. That's right. Not $79.95 per hour, just $79.95. And, if you need replacement parts, we'll provide them at our cost. Not one penny more.

It's an unbeatable deal and just part of doing business at Major Appliances.